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Create a Website

Create a Website

Any business needs a website. Some businesses might only feel the need to create a website to appear professional. Other business want to maximise the potential of "feet" on Google. If you feel the need to have a presence in Google, and ultimately be on the first page of Google, you need to do some work.

SiteSell Hosting

By using a company called Sitesell or Site Build It (SBI) you can start today to create your own website for your business. SBI provide all the tools and information to assist you from scratch to the final product.

They will teach you step by step, by means of an online video, how to create your website.

These are some of the things you will learn from SBI:
  • You will learn how to choose the correct name for your website.
  • You will learn the importance of search for and using the correct keywords to write about.
  • SBI will lead you all the way to ultimately monetize your website by using leads coming from your website.
You can use this product from any country around the world. Please watch the videos on this website and read the articles on the links to find out more about SBI.

Best Website Builder

There are various companies to choose from when your want to build your own website. We started using Site Build It (SBI) in 2010 for the first time.

The advantage of using this company is that they provide your with an action plan from start to finish. When I started using SBI I was a total rookie and very scared of anything close to a website.

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Website Builder

A few years ago an american friend referred us to a company called Site Build It (SBI).

They assist people with the building blocks to create a website. The wonderful thing about SBI is that you do not need to be able to use HTML to be a website builder. Anyone willing to put in some effort will be able to create his or her website.

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Domain Registration

If you already know your niche market, you are very close to your answer.
Site Build It (SBI) provides step by step learning and tools to decide on the correct domain name and also the registration thereof.

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How to decide on a website name?

When you starting a new website, your first need to decide on the domain name of it. How do you decide on a website name?
It is important to try find the best keyword in your niche as the website name. This could be easier said than done....

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